Who we are

PAUL CREMOUX Studio is an architectural studio committed to distinguishing sustainable, eco-effective building designs. Our goal is to produce architecture that celebrates life and enriches the natural environment and the human condition. We envision a process that integrates environmental enrichment proposals, beauty, and social responsibility with the client’s needs and desires.

We respond to the needs of our clients through an organized and systematic method based on the most contemporary technological tools, we control the preparation and development of projects of various types and scales. Our way of working guarantees the complete satisfaction of our clients and the internationally recognized quality of our designs. We use technologies such as “Performance Base Design,” “Life Cycle Assessment,” specific climate analyses, and different types of Modeling to predict and control Energy Consumption and Operating Expenses of Buildings; in this way, we can propose various solutions that help our clients to make informed decisions during the design process.

Paul Cremoux’s studio work has been exhibited at Mexico’s City Museum of Modern Art (MAM), The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London UK, and Best 30 Firms of Mexico (Architizer NYC) 2023. Feature at CBS News, in “10 Homes with Incredible Vertical Gardens”, and Mexico’s City Public spaces and galleries. Winners and Finalists in several international contests like Best 30 Houses of the World at (WAN) World Architectural News. Best of Design at Houzz platform CA. USA and Second Won Place in the Guadalajara Library International Contest. We have been awarded multiple grants and scholarships, such as CONACYT (The National Council of Science and Technology) and FONCA (The National Fund for Culture and Arts), among others. We offer academic courses at prestigious universities, including UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), IBERO (Universidad Iberoamericana), Anahuac University, and ITESM (The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education). Our work has been featured in various national and international design magazines, TV shows, books, newspapers, and architectural web blogs.

What we care about

Forty percent of the world’s energy is used by buildings. More than fifty percent of the greenhouse gasses come from buildings and the construction industry. How we design and build our spaces must respond to the challenge we face as a civilization.

Adopting sustainable alternatives is not only a matter of progress; it is a matter of survival. The way we produce, consume, and relinquish the material world due to the Industrial Revolution has proven unacceptable. From an architectural point of view, we believe that everything built must be part of the environment and interact positively with it. For that, we design responsibly.

We present a novel economic approach for the real estate sector, where architecture plays a crucial role in enhancing our planet. We align with the new industrial revolution, which is intelligent, generous, and sustainable. Through the use of advanced methodologies like Performance-Based Design, Site Analysis, Energy Modeling, and Life Cycle Assessment Systems, we can forecast and suggest a variety of passive and mechanical strategies that enable our clients to make informed decisions during the design phase.

For us, the relation between the process and the final result is a parameter of paramount importance in implementing new ideas, and we use our designs as the human resource that nature needs.

 Our manifesto and course of action

1    Design for abundance and diversity. (William McDonough principle)
2    Work multidisciplinary.
3    To design built environments that enrich the natural world.
4    Produce clean energy.
5    Design for all species and forms of life. (William McDonough principle)
6    Do not contradict the nature of the circumstances.
7    To design with morality, conscience, and responsibility.
8    Be part of the new industrial re-evolution.
9    Analyze natural production systems.
10  Be the Human resource that the Natural world needs. (William McDonough principle)


Paul Cremoux Wanderstok
LEED Green Associate
BPA / M.S. AAD / BA. Arch.

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Born in Mexico City in 1973, He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM (MEXICO 1999). Laureate with merit recognition for academic excellence. Professional Registration México, Secretaria de Educación Pública, Architecture License No. 3556730. Cremoux holds a Master’s in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University (USA 2001). Professional student practice at the Public Establishment for the Development of La Defénse (EPAD) (Paris, FRANCE 1996), CONACYT Grant recipient, FONCA Grant recipient, and interning at Cerault Architects in Paris, (FRANCE 1998). Certified BPA (Building Performance Analysis REVIT/BIM) by Autodesk (USA 2013, 2017). and Autodesk Certified Professional  REVIT  user 2015 ID.00430160 2018 to 2021 Link Acclaim and LEED Green Associate by the USGBC. Credential ID.11244957-GREEN-ASSOCIATE.

Winner of several international contests. First place at Cergy-Pontoise, European University of Built Environment, Paris, France. First place at the National Contest of Architecture Schools, Querétaro, Mexico. First place at the Mexico-Uruguay International Contest, Mexico. Second place at the International open competition for the Library of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Some exhibits work include; The MAM (Museum of Moder Art in Mexico City), ANAHUAC University Professors Exhibit, FONCA 20 years of Grant Laureate (National Fund for Culture and Arts) at the José Vasconcelos Library, and the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects at London UK.) among others.

Won scholarships and grants such as the National Science and Technology Mexican Council (CONACYT)  Scholarship for graduate studies. The Alejo Peralta Foundation Grant for Young Talents. The IUSA Group Grant. The Foreign Affairs Relations Office Grant and National Fund for Culture and Arts grant winner, Young Creators (FONCA).

Cremoux has been an associate professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), an associate professor of design studios II, IV, and VI, as well as Digital Design Lab at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC, ITESM)  Mexico City. An associate professor at Universidad Anahuac and TEC de Monterrey at Queretaro City. He also conducts the Architecture and Energy Lecture-class workshop at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City (IBERO).

Special guest lecturer at the “Future Tecno-constructions seminar” at the Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) and conference for the International Symposium of Sustainable Architecture at the graduate studies, UNAM. Invited to academic juries at CUNNY and Pratt Institute USA.

He has published several projects and articles in magazines and newspapers as well as TV show interviews such as “Canal 40TV, Confabulario”, Featured work at Architectural Record Feature Houses on the web, Dwell Magazine, Dezeen, designboom, WAN, designMilk, FRAME, Yank Design, and Archdialy among others. Publish work at Magazines like Domus, Green Building & Design of Chicago, Rob Report of China, Habitat of Mexico, a+a Magazine of Japan, Interiors Magazine of Corea, “a” Arquitectura Magazine of Mexico, Enlace Magazine of Mexico, Expressions AMEX Magazine, Habitat, ArquiTK, “Estilo Magazine”, SCOOP Australia, and “La Revista” Magazine. Published work on books like Masterpiece Patios of BRAUN Switzerland, 1000 Architect of America of BRAUN Switzerland, The Phaidon Atlas of Architecture, Ecological Facades of MONSA publishers in Spain, and Total Singular Housing from ACTAR Barcelona publishers, among others. In Newspapers like “El Universal”, “Reforma,” “Entre Muros”, “Folha de S. Paulo,” Brazil, and the Abstract Magazine of the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation of Columbia University, among others.

He worked in Mexico for Gensler on projects like CreditSwiss, Aon, Lóreal, and Boston Bank. And for the Hillier Group in N.Y. / RMJM in projects like Pfizer of London, Icahn Track and Field Stadium in Randalls Island N.Y., Hoboken Master Plan, Post & Shell interiors in Philadelphia, and PS Master Plan in Buffalo, among others.  In 2002 and 2003, he designed furniture for Alcon Manufacturers in collaboration with Martha Zieve in N.Y.C. for the Chase Woods Holds. He worked as an architectural designer for the Federal Electoral Institute UNAM and as a construction supervisor at the National Art Center (CNA) in Mexico City.

In 2005, he co-founded ReCURSO studio (Resource studio) and, in 2009, founded PAUL CREMOUX studio. For the last few years, he has collaborated with numerous American Firms, Such as Feldman in San Francisco, Rios in Los Angeles, and Austin, TX, for Olson Kundig in Seattle, WA., and other locations such as San Antonio, TX., and Santa Barbara, CA. He is currently working on various scale and typology projects.

Select project list

2023    Tolu Residence SD-DD Av. Toluca, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2022    Senior Project Designer/PM for Rios LA. PM 60M Residential Project. Austin, TX. USA.
2021    Senior Project Lead Designer
for Feldman Arch. Multiple Residential Projects, San Francisco, CA. USA.
2021    Dos Casas Residential/Hospitality Project Nosara, COSTA RICA.
2021    Senior Project Lead Designer
Cactus Brush Retail Commercial Center, San Antonio, TX. USA.
2021    Senior Project Lead Designer Heroes Lodge Wellness Center, San Antonio, TX. USA.
2020    Senior Project Lead Designer  Gardens Pavillion Medical Interiors, Miami, FL. USA.
2020    Senior Project Lead Designer Broward Sherif Training Facility,  Miami, FL. USA.
2020    Senior Project Lead Designer  North Lauderdale City Hall Renovation, Miami, FL. USA.
2020    Project Architect for Olson Kundig DD Yakarta, IINDONASIA.
2020    Project Architect
Point Grey House DD-CD Olson Kundig, Vancouver, CANADA.
2019    Project Architect
for Olson Kundig Main Restaurant AMAN SD-DD  Pu’Er, CHINA.
2019    Project Architect for Olson Kundig Samsung Residence SD-DD SOUTH COREA
2018    NM Residence SD-CD Design, Built supervision, C. Carmen, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2018    FP Botica
Interior Design, SD-CD retail, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2018    FP ETE Interior Design, SD-CD retail, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2017    ZenScan SPA,
SD Design Nosara, COSTA RICA.
2017    ZenScan SPA, SD Design Jilotepec, State of Mexico, MEXICO.
2017    Huizache House-Studio
SD-CD Design San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MEXICO.
2016    Energy Performance Studies for Enel, San Luís Potosí, Mexico, MEXICO.
2016    MarOje Residence SD-CD Design, Bosques de Las Lomas. Mexico City, MEXICO.
2015    NUR Residence
SD-CD Design, Acueducto Xochimilco. Mexico City, MEXICO.
2014    Nirau Residence SD-CD Design, Construction, Built supervision, Cto. Talpan, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2013    CorManca, Residence SD-CD Design, Built supervision, Tiburcio M. Mexico City, MEXICO.
2012    Ariché Eco-Effective rural Dwellings SD-CD Architectural design, Urique, Chihuahua, MEXICO.
2011    Bicentenary Towers Museum Book Publication. Secretariat of Communications, State of Mexico, MEXICO.
2011    En Ruta Book. Publication Secretariat of Transport, State of Mexico, State of Mexico, MEXICO.
2011    Palmas Interiors Interior design, proposal, Palmas, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2011    Display Stand DAR/CYR Design, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2010    Juxtaposition Rug Industrial Design. Odabashian Rugs, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2010    JYP Engagement Ring Industrial and Fabrication Design, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2010    Sustainable Eco-effective studies Bicentenary Towers Museum, State of Mexico, MEXICO.
2010    Lóreal Interiors SD-CD Architectural Interior design, Peshard Arquitectos, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2010    Pier Museum Mangrove International Competition Architectural Design, Miami, FL. USA.
2010    The Architectural League of NY Young Architects Forum. New York City, USA.
2009    ISQUISA Sustainable Office Building SD-CD Architectural design, Veracruz, MEXICO.
2009    Bugambilia Extravaganza SD-CD Highway services, Architectural design, Banobras, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2009    Vuelo de Altura”Book Publication Secretariat of Communications, State of Mexico, MEXICO.
2008    Casa Roja Residence SD-CD Architectural design, San Ángel, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2008    RIBA, The Black Sarape Box Exhibit The London Festival of Architecture, London, UNITED KINDOM.
2008    Internacional Shinkenchiku Competition Architecture design, Rafael Moneo, JAPAN
2008    Medical Interiors Interior Architectural design. Mexico City, MEXICO.
2008    Low Energy Apartment Building Architectural design, SD-CD, Eugenia 1009 México City, MEXICO.
2007    SaMa Residence Architectural design, SD-CD, Cerrada del Carmen, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2007    Sustainable Art Museum Gallery of  Cheltenham SD-DD Architecture design, Cheltenham, UNITED KINDOM.
2007    Portofino Interiors SD-CD Interior Architectural design and design built supervision, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2007    Jilo Bungalow Architectural design. Jilotepec, Estado de Mexico, MEXICO.
2007    El Huacal Annex SD-CD Design, Built supervision, Artes 39, Coyoacán, México City, MEXICO.
2007    Apartments Eugenio Sue 327 SD-CD Architectural design, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2007    Lobby Interiors Palmas 800 Interior design proposal, Palmas 800, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2007    Housing Tiburcio Sánchez 302 SD-CD, Architectural design, Alfa Harding developer, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2006    Public Library of Jalisco International Competition Architectural design, Guadalajara Jalisco, MEXICO.
2006    Fish Tank Furniture SD-CD, Built supervision, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2006    El ECO Museum Architectural Design, UNAM, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2006    Laughter & Architecture Research, Columbia University/FONCA. Theoretical. MEXICO.
2006    The Health Factor Book Publication, National Academy of Health. MEXICO.
2005    HP Apartment Building Architectural design. San Jerónimo Mexico City, MEXICO.
2005    LOréal SD-CD Interior Architectural design Gensler/Peshard, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2004    La Caracola Beach House Architectural design, Guerrero, Club de Golf Tres Vidas, Guerrero, MEXICO
2003    Hoboken Master Plan Architectural design, Urban Hillier/RMJM NJ. USA.
2003    Convergys Office Campus Architectural design, Hillier/RMJM Buffalo, NY. USA.
2003    Matrix Master Plan Architectural design, Urban Hillier/RMJM NJ. USA.
2003    Ikhan Stadium Architectural Design, Randalls Island, Hillier/RMJM Buffalo, NY. USA.
2003    Public Library José Vasconcelos Competition Architecture design, Hillier/RMJM. Mexico, City, MEXICO.
2003    Post & Schell Interior Office Architectural Design, Hillier/RMJM PH. USA.
2003    CPW Interior Architectural design, SD-CD. Broadway 143 W. 87 st. NYC. NY. USA.
2003    Bernard College Architectural Design, Hillier/RMJM NY. USA.
2002    Sanofi Interior design, Hillier/RMJM NY. USA.
2002    Pfzer Interior design, Hillier/RMJM NY. USA.
2002    Villalba Hosue Architectural design, State of Mexico, MEXICO.
2002    Halcon Chase Woods Industrial Design, NYC. NY. USA.
2001    Mix Use Building Architectural design, San Jeronimo, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2001    Loreto Apartments Architectural design, Loreto, Mexico City, MEXICO.
2001    Inc. Incubator Research, Columbia University, NYC. NY. USA.
2001    Antwerp Urban Design Research, Columbia University, Antwerp, BELGIUM.
1999    ICEL Interior Offices Interior design, SD-CD. Built supervision. Pedregal de San Ángle, Mexico City, MEXICO.
1999    Federal Electoral Court Building Architectural Design, SD-CD, Special Projects UNAM, Mexico City, MEXICO.
1998    Campillo Studio Architectural design, SD-CD. And built supervision. Tlalpan, Mexico City, MEXICO.
1997    Ministry of Health Architectural Design, UNAM. México City, MEXICO.
1997    AON SD-CD Interior Architectural design Gensler/Peshard, Mexico City, MEXICO.
1997    Credit Suisse/First Boston SD-CD Interior Architectural design Gensler/Peshard, Mexico City, MEXICO.
1997    Citibank Headquarters SD-CD Interior Architectural design Gensler/Peshard, Mexico City, MEXICO.
1996    EPAD Paris Urban Design, Internship, EPAD la Defénse, Paris, FRANCE.