Grants / Publications / Exhibitions

2023  30 Best Architecture Firms in Mexico. Architizer NY. USA.
2019    Certify LEED Green Associate ID.11244957 by Green Building Council. USA.
2018    Work Published Entre Muros design magazine of Reforma Newspaper, February MEXICO.
2017    Work Published Houses, Lifestyle magazine, KOREA.
2017    Work Published Archdaily, Online Architectural News. MEXICO.
2017    Work Published 10 Homes with Incredible Vertical Gardens, CBS News, Money Watch, USA.
2017    Certify BPA (Building Performance Analysis REVIT/BIM) by Autodesk, USA.
2017    Work Publishe Ornament is a Crime, Matt Gibberd, and Albert Hill Phaidon Publishers, New York, USA.
2017    Work Published Dwell Magazine, January/February, USA.
2016    Work Published Design Home, Architecture Magazine, July, FRANCE.
2016    Work Published “Casas Ecológicas” Editorial Monsa SPAIN.
2016    Work Published Design Magazine, app store, AUSTRALIA.
2016    Work Published “Vertical Garden” Book, Images Publishing Shanghai, CHINA.
2016    Work Published DesignMilk, online design magazine, USA.
2016    Work Published FloorNature, LiveGreen online design magazine mITALY.
2016    Work Published Glocal Design and Architecture magazine, March MEXICO.
2016    Work Published Entre Muros design magazine of Reforma Newspaper, March MEXICO.
2015    Autodesk Certified Professional User Revit Architecture BIM ID.00430160 USA.
2015    Best for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Architecture in Build Magazine’s 2015 Architecture Awards, UK.
2014    Work Published 150 Best Sustainable Houses Ideas, Harper Collins Publishers, USA.
2014    Work Published Houses Now, Images-Publishing, AUSTRALIA.
2014    Winner of Best Design Award Best of Houzz Design, Palo Alto California, USA.
2014    10 Best Vertical Garden Patio, “Entre Muros” magazine of Reforma Newspaper, MEXICO.
2014    Work Published Masterpieces Courtyard Architecture + Design Book, BRAUN Publishing, SWITZERLAND.
2014   Work Published Bio-Architecture Book, MONSA Publishing, SPAIN.
2014    Work Published Edition 29 Housed digital magazine iPad app, USA.
2014    Work Published Designboom, online design magazine, USA.
2014    Work Published Archdaily, Online Architectural News, CHILE.
2013    Interview Campus Domus lecture series, for Domus Architecture magazine MEXICO.
2013    Work Published Domus Architecture magazine no 09 MEXICO.
2013    Work Published Architectural Record Featured Houses, USA.
2013    Work Published Singular Houses, Actar publishers, SPAIN and USA.
2013    Work Published a+a Architecture & Art magazine, CHINA.
2013    Work Published Habitat Architecture magazine no 53 MEXICO.
2013    Work Published arquiTK Architecture magazine no 78 MEXICO.
2013    Work Published Home Style, Architecture and Design Magazine, Shanghai Orient Media, CHINA.
2013    Work Published INTERIORS, design magazine, SOUTH KOREA.
2013    Work Published Entre Muros design magazine of Reforma Newspaper, MEXICO.
2013    Work Published DesignMilk, online design magazine, USA.
2013    Work Published DEZEEN, online design magazine, UK.
2013    Work Published Designboom, online design magazine, USA.
2013    Interview PortaVOZ Cultural online magazine, MEXICO.
2013    Certify BPA (Building Performance Analysis REVIT/BIM) by Autodesk, USA.
2013    Work Published WAN (world Architectural News), Online architectural news at ECO-WAN, UK.
2013    Work Published MARK, online design magazine, NETHERLANDS.
2013    Work Published architect, Online architectural news, UK.
2013    Work Published Inhabitat, Architecture, and Sustainability online magazine, UK.
2013    Work Published DOMUS xl, Architecture online magazine, SPAIN.
2013    Work Published ArquiTOUR y ArquiNETWORK, Latinoamerican online design magazine, ARGENTINA.
2013    Work Published Arquitectos MX, Mexican Architecture Online Design Magazine, MEXICO.
2013    Work Published Podio, Online Design Magazine, MEXICO.
2013    Work Published Archdaily, Online Architectural News, CHILE.
201 3   Interview for EDIFY App, MEXICO.
2013    TV Interview Hola México Azteca TV. MEXICO.
2012    Work Published LA REVISTA magazine no 37 May. MEXICO.
2012    Work Published Hábitat Architecture Design Magazine April-May. MEXICO.
2011    30 Best Houses of the World, WAN (World Architectural News). UK.
2011    Work published ENLACE Architecture magazine winter. MEXICO.
2011    Iterview COMEX Design process “Yuxtaposiciones Rug”, MEXICO.
2011   Work Published Teoria + Praxis book, “Tour Irreverente” ENADII, MEXICO.
2011    Work Exhibition Franz Mayer Museum “Anudando Ideas” Yuxtaposiciones rugs, MEXICO.
2010    Interview TOCTOC design community, Monterrey Nuevo León, MEXICO.
2010    TV Interview México Al Dia TV News, Chanal 22. MEXICO.
2010    Work Exhibition FONCA 20 Years of Granted works, Biblioteca José Vasconcelos Library, MEXICO.
2010    Interview American Express, Expressions Magazine, Eco-Effective Design. MEXICO.
2010    Competition Miami Pier Museum, Museo-Muelle-Manglar, Escuela de Arquitectura de Miami. USA.
2009    Work Exhibition RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architecture, Architecture Festival of London, UK.
2008    Work Published China-Design H magazine. Shangai, CHINA.
2008    Work Published FirstLook magazine, Beirut, LIBANO.
2008    Work Published 1000 x Architecture of the Americas, Verlagshaus Braun, Berlin, GERMANY.
2008    Work Exhibition Modern Art Museum of the City of Mexico (MAM), Ciudad Sustentable, MEXICO.
2008    Work Published “Entre Muros” design magazine of Reforma Newspaper, MEXICO.
2008    Competition Shinkenchiku, Four Grid square competition, JAPAN.
2007    Won Competition second joint place EL ECO Museum, (UNAM), MEXICO.
2007    TV Interview Sustainable Design, Chanal 40, Confabulario show, MEXICO.
2007    Competition Cheltenham Art & Gallery Museum, UK.
2006    TV Interview Laughter & Architecture, Ensalada Cesar TV Show, Chanal 11, Cesar Costa MEXICO.
2006    Work Published “Entre Muros”, design magazine of Reforma Newspaper, MEXICO.
2005    Work Published Research Laughter & Architecture, “Memorias de Jóvenes Creadores” FONCA. MEXICO.
2005    Interview Architecture of Abundance”, El Universal Newspaper. MEXICO.
2005    Won Competition Second Place, International open Competition, Guadalajara’s Library, Jalisco, MEXICO.
2004    Grant Recipient (FONCA) National found for Culture and Arts, “Jóvenes Creadores” Grant. MEXICO.
2001    Grant Recipient (SER) Secretary of External Affairs. MEXICO.
2001    Work Published A Magazine, Architecture, MEXICO.
2000    Grant Recipient (IUSA) for Creative Talents. MEXICO.
2000    Grant Recipient (CONACIY) National Council for Science and Technology, Graduate studies MEXICO.
1999    Recognition Graduate Tesis (UNAM) MEXICO.
1998    Won Competition First Place National Schools of Architecture Competition, Querétaro, MEXICO.
1997    Grant Recipient (EPAD) Public Establishment for the Development of Defénse, Paris, FRANCE.
1996    Won Competition First Place Cergy-Pontoise,Europen University of Urban Studies, FRANCE.
1994    Won Competition First PlaceUruguay-Mexico International competition of Schools of Architecture, UNAM, MEXICO.