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The design was conceptually developed as two independent private functional areas with a social public place joining them. The formal structure and the materials used in the project allow the building to be in context with the historical neighborhood of San Angel in México City. The orientation of the new building towards the west and south helps to position the project itself regarding the site of the old adjacent house at the same time it opens to enjoyable views of the forest area.

The new house unfolds and integrates the existing trees. These trees confine an important element in the control of temperature and sunlight as they create a microclimate to which the building attempts to contribute. The central public area of the house is settled in between an entrance patio and the main garden generating different views as well as natural ventilation.

Materials and green technology systems are being proposed as an essential part of the project. Red ceramics are being chosen to give the project a contemporary appearance while maintaining the context of the vicinity.

The interior of the house is simple and luminous. A piece of certified wood wraps the dining area all the way up to the upper family room. From this room, there is a possibility to walk through an open corridor to an exterior roof garden. This upper garden is also a public space half enclosed where you can find a hammock and enjoy the view of the area.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux / Adriana Monrroy
Project Team: Javier Salinas, Armando Bussey
Structural Engineering: Fernando Alvarez
MEP Engineering
:  JPR
Area: 574m² / 6178sqft.