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The design of the building consists of two distinct, private areas for functional use, with a social, public space connecting them. The use of formal structure and materials ensures that the building blends in with the historic neighborhood of San Angel in Mexico City. The building is oriented towards the west and south, which positions it with respect to the old adjacent house and provides scenic views of the forested area.

The new house was designed to incorporate and integrate the existing trees, which play a crucial role in regulating temperature and sunlight and creating a microclimate. The central public area of the house is located between an entrance patio and the main garden, providing different views and natural ventilation.

The project emphasizes the use of materials and green technology systems. Red ceramics were chosen for a contemporary look while still preserving the local context. The interior of the house is simple and bright, with certified wood wrapping around the dining area and extending up to the upper family room. The upper garden is a public space with a hammock and a half-enclosed area where visitors can enjoy the view.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux / Adriana Monrroy
Project Team: Javier Salinas, Armando Bussey
Structural Engineering: Fernando Alvarez
MEP Engineering
:  JPR
Area: 574m² / 6178sqft.