An auto parts distribution company has asked us to design your advertising Stan. Inside of a fair promotion, there is considerable visual noise, and we believe that the most convenient way to get out among all this confusion, is to make a powerful and simple design. Where free space makes a difference from the rest of the pavilions.

We believe in an elegant and abstract design that takes the most significant visual elements related to the automobile and mechanical parts, which is why the project consists of an open space only limited by the yellow and black stripes where within these are is a suspended by a helicoid element, by referring to a damper.

Is painted with the colors of the company, it raised platform vision and separates visitors from the rest of the exhibition. Around this raised platform, it is a series of furniture and screens where pamphlets and visitor information are located, as well as samples any other promotional material.

The platform appears to be a dynamic element that could be raised or lowered.

Its lower light emerges. At the top, there is two classic chairs design (le Corbusier), a mat, a low table and a low containing doors where papers and other material are stored, such as a mini bar to service the outstanding visitor, furniture offered refreshments.

The room that is at this point should be elegant and sober, it is why classic designer furniture such as chairs by Le Corbusier is advised.

So Stan contains 3 main elements:

1) Yellow floor space, trying to attract attention through color and vacuum.

2) The platform refers to a highly specialized garage mechanic.

3) The reception room for the distinguished guest is a cozier and height, intimate place.

Design Architect:
Paul Cremoux W.