Mix use housing building

This is a block of apartments which contains a commercial area located on the ground floor, a private garden or terrace for the apartments, and a section of small apartments or studios for the use of academics invited by the UNAM. The project is made of two blocks that form a central interior space. This space is the private garden that is located at a split level above the street. The garden features a hedgerow and a pergola made of treated wood.

The latter balances the exterior and provides ventilation and illumination to the underground parking lot.

This project offers a restrained, secure, and right field area between the two building blocks.

The north facade is directed towards the main street face and lacks big interfaces to the street. This interface looks at the services and the commercial area. This self-service commercial area is elevated to the street level, in order to allow a parking lot. The north facade is presented as a solid structure that fits in with the urban corner of the street.

The opposite side (the south facade) features a series of large terraces open towards the interior garden. Here the temperature is controlled by the plantation of ash trees that ornament the entire south facade of the apartments.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Special thanks to Fernando Tapia, Viviana Vivanco, Tania Lefranc
Location: Coyoacaán, México DF.

Area: 2,600m² / 27,986sq. ft.