Commissioned by the State of Mexico Communications Bureau, and the administration agency of “Museo Torres Bicentenario” we develop a book/Object that describes and communicates about the process of creation of this Museum. The narrative language of the publication is based on numerous interviews of the people involved in significant endeavors in order to finance, promote, and construct this Museum located in the State of Mexico.

Supporting the description of this process, the book joins with a succinct documentary and a web page.

As part of a Souvenir for the visitor to this Museum, we asked Industrial Designer Ariel Rojo to work on a ceramic flower vase that will be of remembrance of the emblematic commemorative Bicentenary Towers.

This gift-box-book is sold at the Museum Store and Governmental agencies of the State of Mexico.

Project Director: Raúl Cremoux L.
Editorial Design and Editorial Coordination: Paul Cremoux W.
Images and Web site: Hari Camino
Editor: Jimena Bugallo O.
Flower vase design: Ariel Rojo
Governmental Responsible: Rodrigo Ramírez

Edition: Fogra Group