Urban Filter

This project was conceived as an urban device aim to restore green to the city and to avoid a deep footprint in the environment. The building performs as an inner-city filter, sucking from the main avenue warm/polluted air into its vertical garden. The green roof and vertical panels with vegetation were designed to help controlling temperature and humidity and to give residents a place to enjoy, a new outdoor quality space without leaving their home.

The structure is proposed with steel beams screwed, shifting electrical energy for human power. Low ecological impact materials were chosen and solar panels were placed on the roof to generate electricity for the main areas as well as hot water for each of the 21 units.

This Project was shown at MAM (Museum of Modern Art of Mexico City) as a contribution to the exhibition about México City and sustainability trends.

Design Architect:
Paul Cremoux W.
Adriana Monroy N.

Structural Engineering:
Guillermo Tena
Equipment engineering: JPG
Project team:
José Carlos Da Silva, Erands
Javier Salinas, Oscar Martínez
Area: 2,454m² / 264,142sq. ft.