This independent annex works as a “background frame” to the museum designed by Matias Goeritz. It is also designed to enhance the urban sculptural spirit that the ECO museum has.

Learning the new building towards the west side gives the opportunity to open a patio. This area becomes the distributor to the offices, storage and a visual connector between the new and the existing building. The main office is designed to be strategically located to catch sight of the movement of the pieces into the museum, the activity in the patio and the whole of the building. Invited to participate in a “competition” that was really not.

This exercise trained us on resolving the topology of galleries and a small museum, as well as to learn about the strong interest that unfortunately leads some architects to substitute design desitions for private interest, nothing new… but it is a must fight. For more information about this so called “competition”,  please visit:

Design Architects: Paul Cremoux W. / Adriana Monrroy N.
Production: Paul Cremoux W.