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Mexico has recently won the embarrassment second world place on child obesity. Food habit consumption, lack of sports culture, and diminish living conditions are forcing researchers to envision a complicated future of excessive weight health diseases, like diabetes and cardiovascular maladies.

On a 59,740 sq.ft. Plot several schemes were developed in order to study the intricate work relationships that the program might fetch. “The patio building”, “The tower and the low building”, the “Pavilion Scheme”, “The Atrium Convey”, “Maximum Area Concentration” and so on… All of them are entrenched in a “production/consumption” food employee system that makes part of the proposed culture of work for this new office development.

Isolated at the “Mexico-Veracruz” main highway, the new campus office will produce the majority of the food needed to feed the totality of the employees at lunchtime. Workless spread nearest communities will work the crops, so the land will be “rented” as par for a corporate effort to impulse local development, and employees will be encouraged to participate in the care of these plantation areas.

The interior patio provides shelter and temperature control over the main volumes. A unique vegetal palette is designed to retain water and provoke ventilation with the help of a louver-like door system that encircles the main patio as “movable arcades” for the work interiors space.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
for Grupo MAC.

Location: Córdoba, Veracruz.
Area: 4,079m² / 34,906sqft.
Team: Grupo MAC.
Status: Built.