Reinventing the Highway Experience

As PAUL CREMOUX Studio’s attempts to reinvent the highway experience, this project adapts existing conditions to regain diverse design solutions and aesthetic intentions.

The scarcity of minimum hygienic lavatories and proper services along the Mexico City-Acapulco main highway has provoked the architect to redefine what it is to travel long distances along a Mexican highway.

PAUL CREMOUX Studio believes that the experience of road travelling is governed by the changing landscape and stop refreshment moments: ‘Stop Points’ is mainly experienced as a waste of time and, in some cases, disagreeable encounters with deficient and dirty lavatories and convenience stores. The proposal examines the relationship between these ‘high-speed zones’ and the instances of ‘stop-motion’.

The project aims to trigger the values of context and self-sufficient energy resources to encourage a very diverse experience, where every ‘stop point’ has a different fashion design enriching the whole travelling experience.

Description of project by WAN (world Architectural News)

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Client: Sanimatro / Banobras
Location: Mexico Acapulco Highway
Area: 450m2 / 4844 sqft.