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This housing commission was created for a real estate and developer group with a focus on providing ample landscape space and stunning views. To accomplish this, the main mass has been set back to the north, allowing for natural light to flood the interior from the south. In order to comply with maximum height regulations, the entire complex has been excavated to create an oasis of vegetation that effectively conceals the parking spaces, as part of a density strategy.

The main objective of this development project, consisting of six units, is to minimize interaction with the ground floor. By excavating one level down, the construction acts as a “point-specific” foundation structure that encourages site porosity to drain water to underground water levels. Recovering the underground water level is vital, as 78% of Mexico City’s water is extracted from underground wells, contributing to sinking levels and cavern nest terrains, leading to a shortage of freshwater that affects many citizens.

The building’s structural boxes frame the south-facing views, promoting cross ventilation and temperature control while providing a view centred on the lush vegetation. The complex includes six horizontal departments, each with its own car and service spaces. A courtyard at the underground level isolates users from the street noise, providing a peaceful and private environment.

The upper part of the complex features vegetable gardens that use a passive water filtration and rain recovery system to feed the general hydraulic system of the departments. This environmentally-friendly feature not only provides fresh produce but also contributes to the community’s sustainability.

Design Architec: Paul Cremoux W.
Developer: GC
Area: 1,200m² / 12,916sq .ft.