Ariché Dwellings
For the indigenous rural population, Tarahumara country

Through a unique excavation strategy, the architecture promotes a modular and sustainable growing scheme that allows for self-building.

The site’s topography is transformed to create a flourishing oasis. The earth material excavated is used to make adobe bricks that are handcrafted by the owners and used to create the main retaining wall, which is a vital structural element of the project. Steel beams, generously donated by a nearby industry, are used to modulate adjacent to the adobe wall and create growing modules. A “Tecorral” wall constructed from residual self-supported site stone divides the harvesting cultivation areas and protects the crops and dwellings from desert wind storms. The project’s interlaced landscape-corral walls are visible at the observer’s level, with taller walls at the water-septic unit allowing harvested residuals to be kept as a compost/decompose place.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Client: DIL int. Vivienda.
Municipio de Urique, Chihuahua.
Gobierno Federal.