Ariché Dwellings
For indigenous rural population, Tarahumara country

The architecture of excavation promotes a self-build modular growing scheme. The excavated place turns into a sustainable oasis.

The site´s topography is modified. An excavation strategy allows the necessary earth material to make adobe bricks, hand crafted by the owners they consolidate the main retaining wall, this element is created by two families and constitutes the key structural element in the project.

Steel beam, donation of the nearby industry, provides the capacity to modulated adjacent to the adobe wall, growing modules. A “Tecorral” wall made of residual self-supported site stone, divides the harvesting cultivation areas and protect the dwellings and crops from desert wind storms.

At the observer´s level, the project is presented as interlaced landscape-tecorral walls. Taller walls at the water-septic unit allow harvested residuals to be kept as a compost / decompose place.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Client: DIL int. Vivienda.
Municipio de Urique, Chihuahua.
Gobierno Federal.