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Our goal at Casa SaMa is to implement sustainable and energy-saving concepts in the design of our house. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and create a truly beneficial living space. To achieve this, we have incorporated various strategies that align with the core values of our project. Our lot is situated in the lower area of a ravine, forming part of a residential complex that overlooks a gorgeous federal zone full of trees.

Unlike nearby plots of land where 47% of each is built, our project utilizes only 9.7% of the land. We believe that the focus of these projects has been on creating pleasant views, but for us, that isn’t enough. We want to provide a view of the trees while also living in them. Although our construction will produce 1.7 tons of CO2, we plan to offset this by planting 5 new trees. Furthermore, we aim for our housing to produce 75% of the energy it requires during operation. However, the lack of sun in this hollow presents a significant challenge for obtaining solar energy.

To address this, we have constructed a heat-insulating box on the main walls, which will be covered with black stone from the area to absorb as much solar heat as possible. The dark colour on the elongated facades is intended to give the impression of being part of the shady glen while clearly marking the main entrance facades and organizing the house.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Adriana Monrroy N.

Project Team: Javier Salinas, Oscar Martinez 
Structural Engineering: Guillermo Tena
Equipment Engineering: JPG                                                                                
Site Strategy: Paul Cremoux W.
Area: 550m² / 5,920sq. ft.
Location: Cerrada del Carmen, Mexico City.
Status: SD-CD / Unbuilt Project.