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This house is located on the seashore of the Pacific Ocean, nestled within the lush surroundings of Tres Vidas Golf Course. The architectural design presents a series of boxes, each offering unique and breathtaking views of the ocean and the golf course. At the heart of the house lies an expansive open central space that seamlessly connects the ground-level deck with the swimming pool area, fostering a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor living. This design choice effectively dissolves the boundary between the private plot and the golf course, creating an uninterrupted landscape view that blends harmoniously with the rolling greens.

The landscape design further enhances the aesthetic appeal, featuring a meticulous grid of transversal lines that frame the construction and create a striking effect of vegetation planes. These lines not only add visual interest but also integrate the house into its natural surroundings. The Master bedroom stands out as a unique architectural element—an elevated structural concrete tube supported by two rectangular column points, forming an open space that serves as an observatory deck. This elevated position offers panoramic views, providing a serene retreat with a sense of lofty seclusion.

To address the challenges of heat and humidity, shadow areas have been thoughtfully incorporated into the design. These shaded spaces provide cool, comfortable areas for relaxation, ensuring that the outdoor environment is as inviting as the interior. The pool area is a highlight of the property, featuring ceramic tiles meticulously designed by Architect Greta Hauser. These tiles transform the pool area into a cohesive plane or rug, adding a layer of poetic beauty to the landscape and recreational space. The carefully chosen materials and design elements create a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere, making the house a perfect blend of modern elegance and natural harmony.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Project Manager:
José Ignacio Echeverría
Pool pattern design:
Greta Hauser
Special Design Furniture:
Greta Hauser.

Tres Vidas Gulf Course, Guerrero, MEXICO.

Gross area:
540m2 5,812 sq. ft.

Privet or on demand.

PCW and Roberto Beltrán.