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In a small plot of 10x25m (107 by 269 sq ft.) where regulation only allowed to build in the first 15m (161 sq.ft.) lengthwise, the NUR House is conceived as a monolithic perforated structure on which light penetrates. Various geometric strategies allow a range of natural lighting types that were conceived from a daylight analysis study. In the end, is a tradeoff between glare control and views.

The spatial quality is enriched by the variety of atmospheres created by the proportions of the diverse window.

The building is scheduled to meet the energy challenge “Architecture 2030” for new buildings Using a number of analytical tools, we have worked on a high performance-based building design method, that had to allow our clients to make informed decisions about operability, cost, and maintenance of their project.

Design Architect:
Paul Cremoux W.
Project Team:
Structural Engineering:
Ing. Roberto Juarez.
MEP Engineering:
Ing. Juan Torres Medellín.
Ing. Sustainability Intelligence:
SD-CD / Unbuilt Project.