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The project’s main interest is responding to a series of themes: the relationship between steep topography and new construction, clean energy production, economical maintenance aspects, a zero-energy home strategy, and specific customer needs are among the intentions that establish a philosophy of growth and enrichment for the specific natural site.

The structure is planted on three levels: street level 0 (access), level -1 (all social areas), and level -2 (bedroom and private areas). The central volume of the house is oriented towards the south, acting as a thermal mass (thermostat device), allowing all adjoining areas to be naturally heated and regulated.

As an economic strategy, level -2, where bedrooms are located, is a volume aligned with the natural contour lines of the site.

The overall project footprint area answers to the logic of “Plant Salvation”; a maximum number of oak trees are kept. This enables the correct distribution of green-energy roofs that will produce all energy required by the house.

Design Architect:
Paul Cremoux W.
Project Team:
Jonathan Castañeda.
Structural Engineering:
Arch. Fernando Colín.
MEP Engineering:
Ing. Jose Antonio Lino Mina, DIA.
Sustainability Intelligence:
PAUL CREMOUX studio and Ing. Jose Antonio Lino Mina DIA.
Landscape Design:
Manuel Angel Bugallo, BUO Arquitectura.
General Contractor:
Not Defined