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On a flat terrain of 10,763 sq ft, a sober assembly of white concrete boxes and bamboo flush panels is located where main programmatic areas are needed. The strategy achieved a particularly unique solution in order to respond to complex client needs and desires under an extremely limited budget. The straight and slender geometry of the three different cubes in which a series of different functions are given suggests a primary composition that expresses the constructive system and, at the same time, gives order to the general composition.

The house has three rooms, the main room with a walk-in closet, a service room, the possibility of parking up to 12 cars, a dining room, kitchen, a comprehensive study, a TV room, a playroom with enough height to place an interior climbing wall as well as two bathrooms for the garden area and various service storage and services mechanical areas.

Design Architect:
Paul Cremoux W.
Project Team:
Structural Engineering:
PBS Ingenieros Ing. Rodolfo Salmón
MEP Engineering:
CIE Arq. V. Hugo Juárez Romero
Gross internal area:
6,899 sqft

Gross floor area:
15,123 sqft

SD-CD / Unbuilt Project