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We have meticulously designed a primary structure that serves a dual purpose, acting as both a retaining wall against potential landslides on the terrain and as a foundational element of the residence. This innovative approach ensures the stability and safety of the house while seamlessly integrating it into the natural landscape.

On the access side, the houses are two elegant and simple pavilions constructed using a sophisticated modular wooden structure. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows for a harmonious blend with the surrounding environment. The modular wooden frames are not just a visual delight; they are equipped with advanced mechanical panels that function as hurricane shutters. These panels can be easily adjusted by the user, offering flexible control over ventilation and interior lighting, thus enhancing the comfort and energy efficiency of the living spaces.

On the opposite side, the houses are perceived as two imposing concrete volumes, creating a striking contrast with the wooden pavilions. This duality in design serves to highlight the versatility and adaptability of the structure, catering to both aesthetic and functional requirements. The concrete volumes provide a sense of solidity and permanence, while the wooden pavilions offer a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This architectural strategy addresses the practical needs of the terrain and elevates the overall living experience, combining safety, sustainability, and beauty in a cohesive and thoughtful design.

Design Architect:
Paul Cremoux W.
Project Team:
Structural Engineering:
Ing. Rodolfo Salmón
MEP Engineering:
CIE Arq. V. Hugo Juárez Romano
Site studies:
Ing. Enrique Tovar G.